Zarouhie Abdalian: Work at LAXART opens July 30

<br /> Zarouhie Abdalian: Work at LAXART opens July 30 | Altman Siegel Gallery<br />

Altman Siegel







7000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA   


July 30 - September 2, 2017

Opening Reception: Sunday, July 30, 4-7pm



LAXART is pleased to present Work, a newly commissioned exhibition by New Orleans-based artist Zarouhie Abdalian (b. 1982, New Orleans). This will be the artist's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Taking the forms of installations and sculptures, Abdalian's work is founded in the critique of political, economic and ideological systems. 


Work functions as an investigation into the relationship between nature and art. In other words, the exhibition takes up the question of what fundamentally distinguishes the given from the made. Abdalian locates that demarcation in the historical transition during which lithic tools appear as an artifact of human activity, transforming freely appropriable nature into an instrument of human production. Work variously dramatizes this moment of alienation in the presentation of new sculptures, photographs, and a new work for loudspeakers. Throughout, each work registers the great force under which the object of labor takes form and by which man in an act of violence distances himself from his supposed other–nature. Abdalian advances her investigation through strikes and blows and in her account, it is by successive blows that these objects come to convince their makers of their essential difference–that they exist only to the extent that they are acted upon. For Abdalian, the appearance of this difference inaugurates the historical process of human exploitation. In order to reflect on the profound implications of this development, Abdalian positions her work at the threshold of this transition–between the rule of aura or magic and the rule of value, between the substance that man is of and the substance that man is for.


Zarouhie Abdalian has exhibited widely including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland; Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco; MOSTYN, Wales; Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams; Lulu, Mexico City; Whitney Biennial 2017, New York; Prospect.3 Biennale, New Orleans; the 8th Berlin Biennale; 9th Shanghai Biennale; CAFAM Biennale, Beijing; and the 12th Istanbul Biennial, to name a selection. She has a forthcoming solo exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans in 2018.


This exhibition is curated by Micki Meng, an independent curator based in San Francisco. Meng was formerly Assistant Director at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts. A publication for the show is forthcoming. Major support is provided by Marjory Graue, Sonya Yu and Zachary Lara and the Pasadena Art Alliance. Generous support is provided by Kaitlyn and Mike Krieger, Anonymous, Robin Wright and Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.


Founded in 2005, LAXART is one of Los Angeles' premiere alternative venues. A platform for emerging and under recognized talent, its mission has expanded to encompass thematic exhibitions that engage with key issues of our time.




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