Work of the Month: Rose Finn-Kelcey - July 31, 2017 (Richard Saltoun)

Work of the Month: Rose Finn-Kelcey | Richard Saltoun

Richard Saltoun

Work of the Month: Rose Finn-Kelcey (1945-2014)

The Restless Image - a discrepancy between the felt position and the seen position, 1975
Silver gelatin print
89 x 112 cm
One of the most unique and innovative feminist voices to come out of 1970s Britain, Rose Finn-Kelcey passed away in 2014. Her career was defined by an indefatigable interest in feminism, spirituality, commodity culture, and individual empowerment.
This self-portrait is an early exploration into two themes; nostalgia, the beach familiar to Rose from her childhood holidays to Kent, and then the title, that hints at the dichotomy between the carefree image and a darker more troubled reality. It is an iconic image from this unorthodox artist.
The first posthumous exhibition of Rose Finn-Kelcey: Life, Belief and Beyond is currently on show at Modern Art Oxford: 
This exhibition is featured in The Times and The Guardian
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