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Game State / July 21, 2017

In Praise of Clunk

When the Western video games press gave The Last Guardian (2016) a set of disappointing critiques, they did so with reluctance. While harsh reviews of Japanese games are commonplace in the West, the creator of The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda, had long been treated favorably. His previous two games (Ico, 2001, and Shadow of the Colossus, 2005) are considered masterpieces and are fixtures in “Are Games Art?” debates.


by Oliver Payne 

Game State is a column by artist Oliver Payne covering the mechanics, aesthetics and ideas of video games.

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News / July 14, 2017

On Art and Surfing / Malibu

The Depart Foundation — a West Hollywood-via-Rome nonprofit — opens their current show even further to the west, in a former Banana Republic storefront in the high-end Malibu Village shopping center. The forty-six-artist exhibition is called “Sea Sick in Paradise,” and it’s curated by artist and surfer Amy Yao.

by Maxwell Williams

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Review / July 18, 2017

Seven Sisters Kasia Michalski Gallery / Warsaw

The uncanny intimacy and sensuality of the exhibition “Seven Sisters” reflects a narrative rooted in womanhood, the need to construct one’s personal space for creation, and the constant battle for control over one’s own life. The show presents the works of six female artists, most of them born in the 1970s and 1980s.

by Agnieszka Sural


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News / July 19, 2017 

South as a State of Mind / Documenta 14

Founded in 2012, South as a State of Mind is a biannual publication overseen by Marina Fokidis’ Kunsthalle Athena. After publishing five editions between 2012 and 2014, the three most recent issues have served as journals intended to accompany Documenta 14, defining and framing the aims and concerns of the exhibition.

by Andrew Spyrou


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Current Issue / 315 June – July – August 2017

Colossal Roots, Tradition-Reality and Contestation of Asian Modernity / Park Chan-kyong

“The Cold War” and “tradition” are the two terms that best encapsulate the artist Park Chan-kyong’s oeuvre of the past decade. In his early photography, slide projection and short video works from the 1990s to the early 2000s, including Black Box: Memory of the Cold War Images (1997), SETS (2000) and Flying (2005), among others, Park explores Cold War imagery as documented and mediated by public media, such as journalism, television and theater, which delivers a hyper-simulated state of tension, collective hysteria, surreal terror, delusion and ideology. ernity by extricating ourselves from it, instead of remaining immersed within.”


by Hyunjin Kim

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Archive / 292 October 2013

What Are You Thinking About? / Ron Mueck

With arresting simplicity, the works of Ron Mueck depict figures, feelings and innate sensations that for generations and centuries have dwelled within each of us. His fragile figures, in their immense or minuscule proportions, harbor a human world wrapped in a universal microcosm. Each sculpture creates an immersive relationship, filtered through the web of the viewer’s memories and emotions. Mueck speaks neither of the past nor of history: his work relates to the here and now, of which the past is but a part. 


by Grazia Quaroni

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