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Georges Mazilu, La femme jardin, acrylic on canvas, 25 x 21.75”, 2017


Romanian artist Georges Mazilu: A Survey of Paintings and Drawings

Faces luminous as moons, shining not with reflected light but from the inside...


September 15-October 15, 2017


Opening Reception September 15, 2017


Romania’s history is cloaked in mystery, but it possesses an art history that is rich and beautiful. Golden icon paintings and ornate monasteries grace the countryside. Consequently, artistic training in Romania is highly rigorous, with 9 years of schooling. The first four years focus on the human figure; the last five years focus on a specific media of choice. Georges Mazilu was trained as a realist, portraying the human figure. After mastering realism, Mazilu became an abstract painter. For several years, his works were purely abstract assemblages, based on the patterns of his upbringing with a tailor parent. The patterning is obvious in Mazilu’s blend of abstraction with realism, creating final forms somewhat anthropomorphic. Today, Mazilu’s paintings display perfectly blended fusions of abstraction and stunning realism. He combines his magical realist style with the European Old Master palette, creating a masterful fusion of old world and dream world.


Mazilu’s extraordinary skill has resulted in his paintings being included in esteemed museum collections in Eastern and Western Europe and the United States. In the U.S., his paintings are found in the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Denver Museum of Art, Tucson Art Museum, among others. This exhibition at Turner Carroll marks the first time a substantial survey of Mazilu’s paintings and drawings has been staged in Santa Fe. Turner Carroll is Mazilu’s sole U.S. gallery representative, so this exhibition is of great importance, and we hope you will cover it.


Noted art historian and Professor Emeritus of Princeton University, Sam Hunter, wrote the most recent monograph on Mazilu, but preeminent South African writer Andre Brink describes Mazilu’s work most poetically:


“Faces luminous as moons, shining not with reflected light but from the inside. Figures that hesitate on the threshold of the subtly coloured backgrounds from which they have emerged and towards which they seem ready to return. The dialogue with the dark. The dialogue with light. The dialogue with the interminable silence of things....A dialogue, too...with a procession from the past: with Bosch, sometimes Brueghel, the fantastic imagery of the Middle Ages...with creatures from hallucinations or from A Midsummer Night’s Dream....”


“Mazilu’s originality, even when he mockingly inserts himself in an admirable and exciting tradition, lies in moving beyond what has been done, in painting precisely what Bosch or Redon or Dali have not imagined. This is the challenge to which each picture responds, each constituting a ludic leap of the imagination, or of faith, into the dark of the as yet unimaginable: it is this motion towards ‘something beyond,’ this act of ‘crossing over,’ of defying limits and boundaries, that defines the...dynamism, of an art that dazzles as much through its technical virtuosity as the subtlety and outrage of its imagination.”


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