"a reminder of why you like art in the first place.”HYPERALLERGIC

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Through a renewed effort to lower participation rates for our exhibitors, SATELLITE has decided to return to our 2015 location on Miami Beach, just a few blocks from NADA. Click here for images from our 2015 edition.

SATELLITE will once again present a progressive program of curated projects and exhibitions from a range of institutions including commercial galleries, artist-run spaces, DIY collectives, and non-profits. In keeping with our commitment to provide our visitors with a participatory experience unlike any other fair, each room will be transformed into an immersive environment, turning the Ocean Terrace Hotel into a giant cabinet of curiosities. This platform presents an exciting opportunity for patrons and collectors to acquire new works in a meaningful way, as opposed to a white walled maze. Our distinctive curatorial perspective, coupled with our unfettered energy, has made SATELLITE "the best fair" of Miami Art Week, and we look forward to continuing that streak this year. #satelliteartshow #notbasel

"SATELLITE was sizzling with a creative energy that couldn’t be found anywhere else."COOL HUNTING



Thanks to the generous support of our property partner we are excited to extend lower rates for participation! Everyone who applied previously will still be considered and will also be locked in at the new low rate.

Please note space is currently limited

• 180 sq feet at $2,750 ($15 a square foot)
• 200 sq feet at $3,000 ($15 a square foot)
• special lower rate available to returning exhibitors

*Please note that booth's of this size at other art fairs go for over $12,000






SATELLITE was created in 2015 as an opportunity for young dealers, artist-run spaces and non-profits to exhibit during Miami Art Week. Since its conception, SATELLITE has grown in scale and prominence and now features art-based projects by established commercial galleries, socially engaged non-profits, and international alternative spaces. By fostering a range of programming, SATELLITE is able to offer patrons and collectors with a unique experience where art is at the forefront of creative expression, activism, and curiosity. In this way, SATELLITE is the antagonist to the standard fair and in turn, fills the voids left by Miami Art Week's soullessness through collaboration, direct engagement, and fun. SATELLITE is your chance to experience and collect new works of art without the restrictions customary to traditional settings!

SATELLITE is an artist-run organization consisting of team members Brian Andrew Whiteley, Alex Paik, Jesse Bandler Firestone and Quinn Dukes.

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Let's develop a fully realized partnership for Miami Art Week. Please contact us to become involved on a sponsor level

Past Sponsors: Lyft, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Bull and Perrier



“Miami Beach’s Satellite art fair is not a release from an inundation of art — but perhaps it’s a reminder of why you like it in the first place.”HYPERALLERGIC

“Satellite is keeping it weird and wonderful. It’s the only art fair I can think of that offers tattoos and lap dances alongside virtual reality cinema. Returning galleries (and quite a few new ones) have continued the tradition of impressive booth makeovers.”ART F CITY

“Revolutionary! Satellite Art Show 2016’s Stellar Second Act. The second launch of The Satellite Art Show blazes a path forward for experimental art during Miami Art Week 2016’s commercial-driven endeavors.”ARTEFUSE

“The quirky art fair stood out among Miami Art Week offerings. Where else are you going to have this much fun?”ARTNET

“SATELLITE remains a bright star in gloomy art week.”ART F CITY

“At Satellite, there was a wide range of work on display, but what was most refreshing about the experience was that after the first hour, I forgot I was in Miami or at an “art fair” at all. Everyone was warm and welcoming–artists were simply sharing their work.”TWO COATS OF PAINT

“I liked this fair better than I thought I might. Having so many people talk to me was heartening, seeing so many people working hard is encouraging, and these people are the future of the art world”BMORE

“The Most Uncanny Installations of Miami Art Week” (SATELLITE featured three times)VICE CREATORS PROJECT

“The Satellite Art Show was an explosion of youthful energy and creativity. Suddenly I was in an artists’ playground where each room had another experience waiting in store thanks to a constant rotation of performances. It was like running through a funhouse of exciting young art.”ARTSPACE

“Satellite was a hub for the anti-machine artists, not only were there many Artists from Brooklyn — read Bushwick — there were artists from around the world who were all pushing back against the white monied corporate art scene, proving that art is for the masses by the masses and beautiful and gritty and driven.”GALORE

“SATELLITE, a fair that champions uncensored creativity and a multi-disciplinary mix of high and lowbrow contributor serves as the antidote to Basel’s more white-walled fare.”PLAYBOY

“The week brought many once-in-a-lifetime, sometimes-quirky experiences, like at Satellite in the Parisian Hotel on Miami Beach. Performance artists Jen Catron & Paul Outlaw alternated floating in a “cereal bowl” in the hotel lobby, while upstairs a group of printmakers showed patrons how to create works, New Hampshire’s Rick Skogsberg offered hand-painted shoes and a consortium offered pole-dancing lessons.”MIAMI HERALD

“Now in its second year, SATELLITE is a rough and ready newcomer, to Miami Art Week. It is the antithesis of the main Basel fair, exhibiting emerging art in its basic form, i.e. no frames or much wall art.”ARTLYST

“Artist duo Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw intend to critique the profusion of satellite displays by swimming around in a makeshift bowl of cereal located outside the Satellite Art Show.” - WALL STREET JOURNAL



Alex Paik | Fair Curator

Brian Whiteley | Creative Direction

Jesse Firestone | Assistant Curator

Molly Krause | Press Relations

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