Inquiries Invited, Dennis Adams

DENNIS ADAMS (b. 1948 Des Moines, Iowa)

Cool Hand Luke, 2012
Archival Inkjet on Hanemüle Fine Art
36 x 28 in.
No. 2 of an edition of 5 

Hanoi Jane, 2012

Archival Inkjet on Hanemüle Fine Art
36 x 28 in.
No. 3 of an edition of 5

HANOI JANE and COOL HAND LUKE were conceived as a pair.  I colored my text overlay in Hanoi Jane in pink and in Cool Hand Luke in baby blue.  My idea was to relieve the intellectual weight of the two pieces with this simple reference to baby girls and baby boys.  Beyond this both works are overlaid on images from my archive that show students in Paris in May of 68 printing revolutionary posters.  Also, both works refer to the idea of a total, a complete work or at the very least, a desire for some total action or life.  Hanoi Jane refers to Jane Fonda's revolutionary persona during Vietnam.  It is  bracketed by the titles of two  films, BARBARELLA an early film in her career and ON GOLDEN POND, a late one in her career. COOL HAND LUKE  takes its name from the film of the same title.  In that film, Paul Newman bets that he can eat 50 eggs and does.  This is coupled with ALL OF MARX which references the writings of Karl Marx.  My idea here, was to register  the desire for total knowledge.

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