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In formation
Until 20 Aug

An institute of the arts is as much a space for convening publics, as it is a place for presenting artworks. But what does this act of convening mean at a historical moment when public institutions are being dismantled, virtual spaces are increasingly segregated, and political rhetoric contorts notions of collective understanding and belonging towards authoritarian ends? The ways in which we gather to share and organise around ideas, experiments, and actions can serve to promote social justice, but also to constrain it. 

This summer, the Institute of Contemporary Arts configures itself around a programme of public events that serve as a platform for discussion and experimentation, towards the formation of spaces within which multiple perspectives can co-exist. In formation includes speculative presentations, workshops and actions from a wide range of activists, artists and thinkers, building on existing as well as emerging contributions to today’s cultural and socio-political discourse.

Participants include Architects for Social Housing, Khalid Abdalla, Nana Adusei-Poku, Jessica Ashman, Julie Béna, Massimo de Angelis, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, EAVI, Tamer El Said, Yance Ford, Maja and Reuben Fowkes (Translocal Institute), GUAP Magazine, Caspar Heinemann, ICA Student Forum, Islington Centre for Migrants & Refugees, Last Yearz Interesting Negro/Jamila Johnson-Small, NIC Kay, Luce Irigaray, Hamish MacPherson, Ewa Majewska, Sophie Mallett, James Massiah, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Chantal Mouffe, Quantum Natives, Jack Self, Derica Shields, The Slumflower, sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, Werkflow, Jan-Werner Müller, Frank B. Wilderson and Young Girl Reading Group (Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė)

See the full programme here.


Caspar Heinemann: Design a flying saucer as if it were The Ark
29 Jul, 5pm

Taking its title from Paul Thek’s teaching instructions, Design a flying saucer as if it were The Ark is a performative lecture by Caspar Heinemann on gay liberation history, consensus reality and magical technologies. Questioning the boundaries of legitimate knowledge production, the lecture utilises the insights of para-academic and independent researchers in the fields of transpersonal psychology, comparative theology and Western esoteric history. This performance lecture is followed by an open discussion led by queer historian Brooke Sylvia Palmieri

Visit Caspar's page here and buy tickets here.
In The Last Days Of The City
2 Aug 2017, 8pm

Filmmaker Tamer El Said's debut feature In the Last Days of the City, tells the fictional story of a filmmaker from downtown Cairo, played by Khalid Abdalla, as he struggles to depict a city on the edge while facing loss in his own life. The film was shot in Cairo, Beirut, Baghdad and Berlin two years prior to the outbreak of the revolution in Egypt. The screening is followed by a Q&A with the director Tamer El Said and actor Khalid Abdalla.

Watch the trailer and book tickets here

Massimo de Angelis: The Commons and Social Change
3 Aug 2017

Many In formation participants share a drive to form new spaces necessary for the production and promotion of social justice. In this talk and following discussion, political theorist Massimo De Angelis argues that the commons are a fundamental force for the creation of these spaces, enabling social change towards inclusion and environmental sustainability.   

Read an interview with De Angelis here and book tickets here.


Virus of Fear
A Heavy Nonpresence
4 Aug, 6:30pm

Writer Derica Shields presents a two-part programme of events as part of her research into how Black women affected by social service cuts are organising to assist each other. 

'Imagine a borderless space where we receive care and live without shame, fear, and disproportionate vulnerability to premature death. This series is interested in failures of assimilation, inclusion, separatism, and of black belonging in Britain. In place of political action that wants to expand the parameters of civil society to include Black people, or to bring us under the protection (and control) of the state. What can we do among ourselves, maybe in secret?' (Derica Shields)

Read more about Part 1 and Part 2, and nd book tickets here. 

EAVI Workshops
6 Aug 2017, 2pm

The Embodied AudioVisual Interaction Group (EAVI) convenes a day of audiovisual workshops with Howlround’s Tape Orchestra, Algorave Noise Unit and Ewa Justka’s Acid Orchestra. Each workshop is led by a musician who will teach participants how to make and play the unique tools they use to create music. Culminating in a live event featuring EAVI producers and DJs plus newly-assembled groups from the day’s workshops.

Read more about the EAVI live event here.


Frank B. Wilderson in dialogue with sorryyoufeeluncomfortable
Aug 10 2017, 6:30pm

As part of the In formation programme Frank B. Wilderson III screens his 2005 film Reparations ... Now, a critical documentary it captures the terror of unnamable loss shouldered by 21st century descendants of slaves. The screening is followed by an open debate about the concept of reparations, both in the US and the UK. 

Book tickets
here, watch the Reparations ... Now trailer here. And find out more about Wilderson's lecture on Afropessimism and Structural Antagonisms to run Aug 9 here.

NIC Kaye: Get Well Soon
11 Aug 2017, 7:30pm

Performance artist NIC Kaye debuts their new performance work exploring the possibilities of choreography as resistance. Get Well Soon is an interruption, a memorial, a wake, and a meditation on reparations. What does Black diasporic collective healing look, feel and sound like? The performance is followed by discussion convened by scholar Nana Adusei-Poku. Nana’s work primarily centres around three themes: cultural shifts, artistic productions from the Black diasporas, and critical pedagogy in relationship to de-colonial aesthetics. 

Watch NIC Kaye
here and book tickets here.


Over: Discussion with Sidsel Meineche Hansen + Guests
12 Aug 2017, 2pm

This discussion between artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen and guests Larne Abse Gogarty and Black Shuck engages the subversion of capitalist realities and the development of potential future technologies. Meineche Hansen explores the possibilities of social change through new technologies and coordinated discourse. For her recent work OVER (2016ongoing) she initiated the development of an augmented reality app, built in opposition to the alt-right’s occupation of the digital realm. This discussion expands to cover future development of the app. 

Read an interview with Meineche Hansen here and book tickets here.


Chantal Mouffe: The Populist Moment
12 Aug 2017, 6pm

In this talk, political theorist Chantal Mouffe examines the reasons for the emergence of various right-wing anti-establishment movements presented as 'populists' across Western Europe, the challenge that they represent for democratic politics, and the possible responses to such movements that can come from the Left.

Read an interview with Chantal Mouffe here and book tickets here.
Luce Irigaray: How to Give Birth to a New Human Being
From 17 Aug 2017

Philosopher Luce Irigaray leads two days of public workshops and talks, with a keynote lecture by Irigaray concluding the second day. Since 2003 Irigaray has worked outside of conventional academic structures to draw together a revolving community of thinkers from diverse fields in an annual seminar. Typically Irigaray has brought researchers from the disciplines of philosophy, gender studies, religious studies, art and literature, together to develop their thought through sharing and exchange.

Did Luce Irigaray ever actually say e=mc^2 is a sexed equation? Tickets on sale soon. 


The Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art: The Experimental Reading Room

From 16 Aug 2017

The Experimental Reading Room is a three-day participatory seminar space led by The Translocal Institute for Contemporary ArtThe Experimental Reading Room is an invitation to immerse the mind in ecological thought, handle the critical tools of the environmental humanities, and encounter the responses of contemporary artists to climate change, species extinction and extractivist attitudes to the natural world.

Find out about other Experimental Reading Room events here and here, and book tickets


Last Yearz Interesting Negro/Jamilia Johnson-Small
17 Aug 2017, 6pm

For the final week of In formation, the ICA Theatre serves as a developmental space for dancer and choreographer Last Yearz Interesting Negro/Jamila Johnson-Small. Leading from this period, Johnson-Small presents the performance installation BASIC TENSION, a new project that grew out of the creation of a stage show i ride in colour and soft focus no longer anywhere.

Watch a trailer for i ride in colour and soft focus no longer anywhere here and book tickets here.


Quantum Natives
20 Aug 2017, 7pm

Geographically-scattered media collective and record label Quantum Natives presents an audiovisual performance with invited members of their global collective. Their work explores the relationship between the fictional landscapes of science fiction novels and role playing games, IRL experience, and the contested spaces of social media. Working with video-game technology and software-based sound design, they have released music from artists dispersed across the world.

Listen to Quantum Natives tracks here and book tickets here.


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