David Benjamin Sherry Pink Genesis extended through August 4

David Benjamin Sherry Pink Genesis extended through August 4

David Benjamin Sherry Pink Genesis is on view through August 4.

David Benjamin Sherry, "Pink Genesis", installation views


Aperture Magazine
“Queering Straight Photography,” Interview with William J. Simmons


“David Benjamin Sherry, who is known largely for his color-saturated landscapes, created a new series of photograms for his latest exhibition, Pink Genesis, at Salon 94 in New York. Through bodies do appear, the photogram, by nature is abstract—it is an index of an object and a shadow, a semi-formless copy. Sherry’s historical references are so complex, and so joyfully filled with the often-excluded formal presence of sexuality, that revisiting Pink Genesis is like rereading Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida (1980), with its seamless integration of concept, structure, and emotion.”

Photograph Magazine
By Taylor Dafoe


“Sherry left behind both his camera and the bright, open spaces of the American West for a much different working environment: the darkroom. He opted to work exclusively with photograms, a strategy which finds him again experimenting with analogue processes as a means of emphasizing alchemy and physical reception…The movement (or implication thereof) in these photograms, achieved through multiple exposures, or simply the guesswork of framing one’s own body in a darkroom, is performative, even dancelike.”

Time Out Magazine
Top Pick of the Week, June 29, 2017


“The artist’s body serves as the template for these sherbet-colored photograms, created by Sherry’s performative actions in the darkroom.”

“Golden Grams” by Michael Slenske


"These painterly echoes of figuration, graffiti and geometric abstraction are attempts—very calculated stabs in the dark, if you will—for the artist to create a “portal” from the outside world that teases at representation the way a shadow might haunt the strobe lit floors of a dance club: light and heat and motion captured for one bright, beautiful moment.”


Photo of the Day


“The bright color in Pink Genesis, like in his monochromatic landscapes, comes from manipulating the three filters of a color enlarger, and the titles in the series include the numeric enlarger settings for cyan, magenta and yellow. The result is a precise and vivid exploration of a process with strong roots in the history of photography, beloved by photographers such as Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy and contemporary photographers including Adam Fuss, Walead Beshty and Bryan Graf.”

Collector Daily

  By Loring Knoblauch

“Most of the works on view…are deceptively simple geometric progressions, where circles, squares, and rectangles pile up on each other. Made using cardboard cutouts and multiple exposures, the compositions are layered with Albers-like rigor, creating inward telescoping stacks that grow in intensity as they draw into the center…Sherry constantly keeps us off guard…He’s playing with our assumptions about what photograms are supposed to look like, tweaking us along the way as he looks for ways to push the genre somewhere new.”