Announcing the 2017 CES Residency II Nominees

Announcing the 2017 CES Residency II Nominees

CES Residency II

CES is proud to announce the Nominees for the CES Residency II program:

Erik Benjamins
Skyler Bieberly
Hanna J. Boone
Nick Brown
David Burch

Claire Colette
Don Edler
Brook Hsu
Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack
Louis M. Schmidt


Our Sincere congratulations to all the nominees!!! 

Studio visits will begin in August and the winner of the 2017 CES Residency II will be announced soon after. For more information on the CES Residency, click here.

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CES also sincerely wishes to thank all of the 2017 CES Residency II Nominators:

Meghan Gordon, Artist, Co-founder of the CES Residency

Maja Ruznic, Artist, 2016 CES Artist-In-Residence

Brody Albert, Artist, 2016 CES Residency I - Honorable Mention

Brian Robertson, Artist

Tiffiny Lendrum, Art Advisor, Lendrum Fine Art

Adam Beris, Artist, Co-founder of BBQLA

Timo Fahler, Artist, Co-founder of BBQLA

Thomas Linder, Artist, Co-founder of BBQLA

Santi Vernetti, Curator

Anthony Cran, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Wilding Cran Gallery

2016 Artist-In-Residence, Maja Ruznic

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